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Red Oakley Ski Helmet

How rare it still is in this nation of sharpshooter Annie Oakley (one of my feisty patron saints) to find women gravitating toward or publicly endorsing guns, despite the National Rifle Association’s ad campaign featuring female members. Valerie Solanas, who cut down Andy Warhol, and Squeaky Fromme, who took a shot at President Gerald Ford, remain freaks. I had an unsettling brush with a female mass murderer in 1985, shortly after I moved to suburban Philadelphia, when a 25 year old ex mental patient in guerrilla gear stormed into a nearby shopping mall with a semiautomatic rifle and managed to wound eight people and kill two.

They were trying to get this person to ride to the hospital,” said Cullars Doty, whose own nephew was killed by police in nearby St. “I live less than a mile away from the murder. This is my home,” she told The Daily Beast.”How have the killers not been arrested and held like anyone else? This wouldn’t be happening like this.

Article content continuedMost children were sick for a week to ten days with high fever, bright red rash and respiratory symptoms, before recovering. They stayed home until the rash faded, usually a week to ten days. In some cases, they developed complications, including viral pneumonia and encephalitis, which could lead to disability and even death.

The little girl underwent plastic surgery and eventually was unmarked by scars, either physical or emotional. “She endured a lot, but she bounced back.”The father saw a strong independent streak brewing inside his cute little girl characteristics she was drawing from his side of the gene pool. Sometimes it flared up in mischievous ways.

I don’t remember what the main course was, but the vegetable was something I’d never had before (or since); I loved it, and it has stayed with me all these years.Finally, after a span of nearly 50 years, and remembering this still, I decided I had to try my hand at replicating Mrs. Montegani’s fried cauliflower.Given that it is fried, I’m sure it is not the most healthy way to eat cauliflower, but once in a while for a treat can’t hurt. It is delicious.My experiment worked well; the dish tasted just as I recalled.

(JESSELYN COOK/The Windsor Star)Natalie Neagu, left, Sabrina Zamfir, Julia Ognean, Carmen Ognean and Alexandra Sandulscu celebrate Romanian culture at Carrousel of the Nations at Festival Plaza on Saturday, June 13, 2015. (JESSELYN COOK/The Windsor Star)Huong Nguyen, left, and Minh Nguyen serve Vietnamese food at Carrousel of the Nations at Festival Plaza on Saturday, June 13, 2015. (JESSELYN COOK/The Windsor Star)Gloria Wedemire orders a Jamaican patty at Carrousel of the Nations at Festival Plaza on Saturday, June 13, 2015.