/Oakley Winter Cycling Hat

Oakley Winter Cycling Hat

Maybe we have lost some knowledge during the years? As I remember my childhood it was always a lot of snow during winter time. We used kick sleds to the local grocery store and the roads were always snowy. But I can’t remember being so terrible cold! We where always outside, went skating, snowball fights etc..

That moment after he was arrested, the Port Stanley man claimed, was his nadir, the “ah ha moment” his defence lawyer said, that pushed him to quit drinking, work on his mental health issues and change his ways.”I truly regret that these things have happened,” Jacques said during his lengthy statement Wednesday at his sentencing hearing before Superior Court Justice Thomas Heeney.Jacques told the judge he was sober and committed to continuing his treatment for addiction, depression and anger issues through Veterans’ Affairs programs at Parkwood Hospital.He said he wanted to change his life and wants to be a good role model to his children.”I will do what it takes to be a productive member of society,” he said.”I wish to continue to improve myself . To be a better man.”All that work on himself wasn’t enough to keep him out of jail. Jacques, 39, was sentenced to 12 months in jail for theft of property exceeding $5,000, mischief and possession of stolen property under $5,000.The crimes resulted from the bizarre caper he hatched with another man in Port Stanley almost two years ago.Heeney rejected the defence’s pitch that the newly reformed Jacques, who pleaded guilty in December, be allowed to serve his sentence at home.”The public would be rightly outraged at a conditional sentence for stealing and destroying pricey police property,” he said.A little more than a decade ago, Jacques was in line to be the youngest chief engineer in the Canadian navy before he was sidelined by a severe back injury while serving on a ship, ending his maritime dreams.Before his honourable discharge and big pay cut to a meagre pension, he served in Bosnia, was one of the first on scene and the last to leave the SwissAir crash off Peggy’s Cove, and had postings in Ireland and the Bahamas.Jacques also was beginning to drown in booze related troubles, including convictions for impaired driving..

The first performer, Kirk Read, who dresses in a stretch sequined belt, a hot pink cheetah print tank, and a drawn on glitter face mask, performs an observational stand up routine on the topic of hotel room sex that can be simplified as: “What’s the deal with clients of male prostitution?” Read’s monologue covers topics ranging from the Hilton’s harsh, neon lighting (flip on the lights, and it’s like you’re in Safeway all of a sudden!) to scat (nobody knows how to use an enema anymore!), but he comes down with a clear message: At least I’m getting paid for this. During dominatrix Keva I. Lee’s performance, one sorry audience volunteer, a baby faced prep by the name of Colin, is paraded onstage wearing a leather collar, spanked, hogtied, beaten, and forced to fellate a large pink dildo, his expression drooping from bemusement to pained resignation as the show progresses.