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Hart didn’t stop with a local celebration of Flag Day. An active member of the Elks, he used his influence with the fraternal order at its 1911 convention to make Flag Day a cause. When President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation on May 30, 1916, declaring Flag Day an annual national celebration, Hart really had something to cheer about.

She knew with a nursing degree she was almost guaranteed a job whether it was in the military or not. When she was finally deployed to Iraq as a medic for the Navy she became the division officer of three extremely busy holding wards for Bravo Surgical Company. This company was a medical unit that followed around the Marines when they headed into combat.

Especially among millennials, Greene said, these experiences are the better if they can Instagram them. Serve the market rapid growth, the broadly defined category is also growing to include new activities.Want to attract millennial hires? Consider taking the B Corp plunge’People who take holidays are losers’ and other dubious advice from rock star Gene SimmonsBeyond the selfie: There are some social media skills Millennials don’t haveOne manifestation of this trend, Greene said, is the rise in popularity across North America of escape rooms, which are already popular in Asia and parts of Europe. After gaining traction in Toronto and Vancouver, escape rooms have opened in the past year in Edmonton and Calgary.Consumers are willing to pay roughly $25 a person to be locked in a darkened room sometimes tied up in a straight jacket, or locked in a smaller cage within the room and left for an hour to figure a way out.Edwin Tsui, co owner of The Locked Room in Calgary, says his customers get a out of the experience, which requires solving a combination of logic based puzzles and puzzles involving physical dexterity to get out of his escape rooms within an hour.like to compare it to a real life video game, Tsui said, it really more appealing than that because a lot of people aren video game players, but they really enjoy the interactive experience of solving the puzzles and the sense of camaraderie and teamwork from unlocking each lock.

I thought either the caution was going to come out, I was going to break something or I was going to crash. Just after the last couple of weeks, I just thought surely it wasn’t going to go green until the end. Just glad it did and glad we’re hopefully back on the right path.”Denny Hamlin finished second: “(How were you able to rebound for the runner up finish?) Eventually the air pressure built up enough to where it got off the race track.