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Oakley Snow Helmet Sizing

The original lineup’s legacy album, the legendary live At Filmore East, recorded in March 1971 at promoter Bill Graham’s East Village theatre, is represented here with the blues rock shuffle of “Statesboro Blues,” a sultry take on “Stormy Monday” and the dazzling 13 minute instrumental odyssey, “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed,” where every member is in perfect harmony. As Lynskey writes in the comprehensive liners, “There is no question, however, that The Allman Brothers Band was at their best up on a stage, playing live music for an audience. The group played with unbridled energy, and without constraints.

“Please talk to your children about racism, privilege, bigotry and hate. During Floyd’s arrest, white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, an act that was caught on video by several bystanders. In the clips, Floyd can be heard asking officers to let him breathe but is not shown to be resisting.

My favorite was the Do Lima, which features the slow cooked pork confit, topped with a pepper relish whose sugary sweetness was overwhelming on its own, but in sync with the porky umami and the requisite pile of herbed, pickled red onions. The Texas Brasa was somewhat more restrained, and less likely to put you into an hours long food coma. I tend to find chicken sandwiches dry, but here the chicken is adorned with a thick swipe of mashed sweet potato, offering the same moistening function as mayonnaise.

On my way home I have to go down a pass/ grade which is a bit treacherous. I saw the dear with plenty of time to swerve and normally i would but I just let it happen. What I want to relate to you is i do not believe that those encounters with those other dear and that darn cat was NOT a coincidence.

Starbucks in its most recent operating quarter also posted an 18.4% operating margin as it continued to add hundreds of new stores. That means for every billion dollars in revenue, it minting hundreds of millions of dollars in a profit that it can drive directly into new stores and growth. But Starbucks, as a public company, is beholden to its shareholders and might not have the same luxury or room that Amazon has to gleefully burn cash and still charge toward being a trillion dollar company..

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