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Oakley Prescription Eyewear Compatible Goggles

Rome’s abundantly plentiful cache of history, architectural delights and art can still be plundered via the wonder of the internet, while the currently spectacular British weather means you can almost make believe you’re there if you whack on the Dean Martin and mix yourself an Aperol spritz.Here’s the ultimate armchair travellers’ guide to Rome.What to doSistine ChapelThe great thing about doing a virtual tour of Michelangelo’s masterpiece rather than seeing it in the flesh is that you don’t have to spend several hours traipsing the entire length of the Vatican Museum, trudging shoulder to shoulder with grumpy, sweating strangers like a herd of cattle, in order to reach it. Even when you finally get there, you’re squished in like sardines and encouraged to move on as swiftly as possible by sharp eyed stewards.In the digital world, however, you are the only visitor you can linger, take in the detail, zoom in on different parts that you like. And you can do it all while wearing a crop top and hot pants, something that’s certainly not encouraged at the real deal.The ColosseumIf you’ve got an hour to spare, hop onboard a virtual walking tour of the Colosseum, kindly provided by Prowalk Tours.

I am in market for new glasses and I looked at Warby Parker. I have to say I am not impressed at all. The choice is very limited and buy cycle is too long. Game developers are also behind the push. Hundreds of developers are working on games and applications for one or more of the above systems. Each system will have more than 30 games at launch.

Don think you in the clear because you set your privacy settings to “high.” In legal terms, information is treated as private when the person writing it had a expectation that it would remain so. But when you post on Facebook, you are aware, even if this awareness is submerged, that it may be viewed, not only by your own carefully curated collection of friends, but often by their friends indeed by anyone else they may allow to view their page. Its very nature a social network makes information available for all to see.

Homecoming S2: The paranoid conspiracy thriller returns with Janelle Monae taking over the lead from Julia Roberts, whose storyline wrapped up at the end of the previous season in this show about a company and its shady experiments with returned soldiers memories. Monae plays a woman who wakes up in the middle of a lake with no memory of who she is or how she got there. Chris Cooper, Hong Chau, Joan Cusack and Stephan James also star.