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Strict rules and policies in regard with junk food is not a solution. It’s not right to limit the freedom of choice of school students in terms of food or snacks. Research and findings reveal, schools that implement the ‘no junk food policy’ have a high number of kids that do not eat their meals either because they do not like the healthy meals served in the cafeteria or canteen or because of money issues.

You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeMost fast food customers will have had a disappointing realisation once they got their orders home and inspected them.It the nature of the bit of the food preparation that things are missed or mistakes are made it inevitable.But customers are getting really fed up of being met with the same issue when they go to McDonald and it been happening for years all over the world.Fast food lovers going for the meal option seem to be particularly peeved because they feel like they paying more money only to be cheated.Yes, it that age old issue of half empty fries.If you think you the only one who been a bit miffed their fries carton isn filled all the way to the top, think again.We testing a new site:This content is coming soonBack in the day we would even be asked if we wanted to our meals, until McDonald realised it was probably a bad idea to give people the option of massive portion sizes.It happens so often that you would assume McDonald are oblivious to the issue otherwise they surely would have repeatedly told their staff to fill the boxes properly?We asked McDonald UK for comment on the problem scroll down past a few examples to find out what they had to say.And it happens all over the worldIt been going on foreverYesterday Kayleigh Mackay posted a photo of her half empty fries on the McDonald Facebook page, saying: “Just curious is this normal practice? Not the 1st (sic) time either! What the point in asking and paying for a large to be hit with this eh?”Pretty certain that wouldn even cover a medium.”Another customer commented: “I always check at the window before I leave and if it half full I give it back and ask for large chips must think I a cow but it does my head in.”A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “There is no policy in place which suggests French Fries should be served in a carton that is anything less than full. Customer service and experience is one of our top priorities and we are always disappointed to hear when our food falls short of customer’s expectations and our high standards.”When asked what customers should do if they believe their fries portion to be sub standard, a spokesperson said McDonald would recommend they either address it with the restaurant at the time of sale or complain via customer services.Or, you know, you can just post it on Twitter like everyone else. The real question is, are the fries half empty or half full?.