/Oakley Lightweight Fire Resistant Gloves

Oakley Lightweight Fire Resistant Gloves

Multicultural and Gender StudiesMulticultural and Gender Studies (MCGS) is an interdisciplinary program that furthers the University’s goal of providing students with the knowledge and commitment to be socially responsible citizens in a diverse democracy and interconnected world. MCGS students and faculty analyze and challenge interlocking systems of power including racism, classism, and heterosexism.The BA in MCGS provides an interdisciplinary approach to cultural analysis within and across cultural groups in the United States, with emphasis on the role of class, race, and gender in shaping cultural identities.The General Option in MCGS includes work in the theory and practice of cultural analysis; cross cultural and interethnic study; examination of the role of gender in culture; and close analysis of a particular cultural group.The Women’s Studies Option in MCGS is based on a combination of multicultural and gender studies courses focused on women and feminist analysis.The African American Studies Minor focuses on African Americans, both as cultural groups in diaspora and as active agents in the shaping of the United States.The American Indian Studies Minor focuses on the history, literature, worldviews, social practices, and legal issues of Indian tribes.The Asian American Studies Minor focuses on rapidly growing cultural groups in the United States from Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and India.The Chicano Studies Minor focuses on the history, cultural expressions, social practices, and growing political power of Mexican Americans.Managing Diversity in Organizations is a joint minor with the Department of Management. This minor brings together the two disciplines to analyze and develop strategies for effectively managing diverse work environments.The Multicultural Studies Minor offers an introduction to the theory and practice of cultural analysis, study of cross cultural and interethnic issues, and close work with a particular American ethnic group.The Women’s Studies Minor introduces students to the theory and practice of feminist cultural analysis, and basic issues and perspectives in women’s studies.Given that rigorous academic learning is most effective when linked with community work, our students put theory into practice through service and activist internships on campus and throughout the North State.

The point is it isn’t the literal interpretation of the story that’s important it’s the big chunks of commonality between stories and the moral given at the end. It says more about humanity and psychology than it does about math or science. Believe what you will but I will stick with the logical world that math and science have provided for me, which doesn’t exclude a form of spirituality but it certainly keeps it within reason..