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Oakley High Crown Golf Visor

The financials and industrials sectors rose about 0.7 per cent each.The materials sector, which includes precious and base metals miners and fertilizer companies, lost 0.3 per cent as gold and base metal prices retreated.On the TSX, 157 issues were higher, while 63 issues declined for a 2.49 to 1 ratio favoring gainers, with 12.20 million shares traded.The largest percentage gainers on the TSX were Hexo Corp , which jumped 27.3 per cent, and Alaris Royalty, which rose 4.9 per cent.Alacer Gold Crp fell 2.9 per cent, the most on the TSX, while the second biggest decliner was SSR Mining Inc, down 2.7 per cent.The most heavily traded shares by volume were Hexo Corp, StageZero Life Science and Green Organic Dutchman Holdings.The TSX posted three new 52 week highs and no new lows.Across all Canadian issues there were 19 new 52 week highs and six new lows, with total volume of 25.61 million shares.Thomson Reuters 2020Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful.

Pushing for things that will not happen with dopey proclamations like this will stifle real reform and good legislation to rein in big tech.” Recode co founder Kara SwisherRemoving legal protections will lead to more censorship, not less”Stripping Twitter and other social media of liability protections is likely to make them more inclined to censor speech, not permit it. Either these companies will have to pass a ‘neutrality’ test imposed by the government, or they’ll simply take down as much controversial content as possible.” David Harsanyi, National ReviewSection 230 helps protect the public from disturbing content”I think if you asked the vast majority of Americans, including politicians, they would say we want platforms to take down some speech that is legal because the First Amendment protects a lot of speech that is really offensive or really obnoxious or really harmful. You know, it can protect things like sharing the terrible video of the Christchurch massacre.” Internet policy expert Daphne Keller to NPRTwitter is waging a losing battle trying to moderate Trump”The point here is that Twitter, for a lot of reasons some of which are its fault and some of which aren’t has no chance in a fight over facts and truth with Trump.” Chris Cillizza, CNNFighting with Big Tech is a political win for Trump”President Trump has finally goaded Twitter into starting the fight that Trump has been itching to have.