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Lilith in Libra suggests the attention is on partnership, and matters of fairness. Now beyond this I can only guess, without seeing the whole chart: a semi square suggests, first and foremost, tension between the two bodies, and the placements imply that the Self in relation to others is on a kind of fulcrum, trying to achieve balance between fulfillment of urges to relate intimately to others, and avoiding the potential for hurt or betrayal. It may be that you have been deeply wounded and can be in relationship fully, with the task now to work through that, or it could be that you can seem to be in partnership without the other person wounding you in some way (and that would imply your choices in partners are about making manifest this aspect, a kind of I was right about relationships and how hurtful they are all along! There are so many possibilities, including that you have a mandate to find the Truth within sexual relationships (not just yours, but for others, as well) and be a defender of women who have been injured, perhaps as a lawyer, counselor, or political advocate or activist.

Because she had named policemen and other officials that had been paid kick backs, she was under pressure from the law as well as Schultz. Schultz did take over the Harlem policy rackets for awhile, but in 1935 he was killed by order of Lucky Luciano. Madam St.

Loving grandmother of 17 grandchildren and 37 great grandchildren. Dear sister of Myrtle Jean Oakley and Norma Costello both of Peterborough. Elwood, Wally and Norm Trotter, Betty, Greta Sims and Hilda Garvey all predeceased. FRANCIS, Mary Wendy (Hughes) With deep sadness we announce the passing of Wendy Francis. Wendy passed peacefully at Sakura House in Woodstock with the support of her very proud and loving family on Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Wendy will be dearly missed by her family and is survived by her son Matt, his partner Stephanie Harrison and their two beautiful sons, Archie and Hayes.

Since January, not counting the public financing that both Coakley and Berwick received, just $400,000 separates Coakley, the most prolific fundraiser, from Grossman, the least prolific, and a political action committee has been making independent expenditures for Grossman.”I think that is a concern, that she lacks the political chops to get through a tough campaign because of her failure (in 2010),” said Michael Shea, a Democratic political consultant who worked for Coakley primary opponent, Michael Capuano, in 2010 and is not involved in the current race.Coakley says the short time frame of a special election contributed to her 2010 defeat, along with national dynamics. It was the only race in the country at the time and drew millions of dollars in outside spending. The election became a referendum of Democratic President Barack Obama health care overhaul, with Brown, backed by the conservative tea party, campaigning as the final vote Republicans needed to block the law.